Out of concern for our clients, we have been monitoring the precautions taken by the Federal, State and Local Communities to reduce and eliminate the spread of this illness. We are CDC (Center for Disease Control) Compliant!

    For the meantime, we are staying on our normal schedule. Our offices remain clean.

    For those of you who are stuck at home simply because your office or school is closed, we are offering 20% off** of your next project for your "spring cleaning" efforts resulting in materials for projects that you may find need our professional services. During this time of the year, we often receive many requests for transfers and conversions of tapes, films, slides and other legacy media to a DVD, MP4 Video formats, CD or MP3 Audio formats, though any other needs are also welcome.

    Please clean any dirt or dust off your source materials as much as possible before we receive them. Please wash your hands with warm water, hand sanitizer and/or soap.
    We see this period as one where you can make the best of your time by reducing the spread of the Coronavirus and de-clutter your living area/home office at the same time. In addition, we are offering free pickup and delivery within 10 miles of our office during our normal hours, though the minumum project is $50.00 to qualify. In addition, we are also offering: 1) Curbside Pickup and Delivery,

    2) Discounted Shipping to and from our Facility,*** 3) 10% off on Projects requiring Remote Access and 4) Proper Social Distancing.


    If your events are cancelled, why not encourage your clients to offer Webinar Events? We can edit those. Fix up your Zoom, WebEx, GoogleMeet, Skype, FaceTime and Facebook Online events. We can add Green Screen Virtual Backgrounds, PowerPoint Presentations, etc. Your productions can move forward! Click HERE for more information on our Webinar Services.
    Should you have any questions or specific needs, please let us know. We are receiving requests and inquiries for the Video Editing of Birthday Wishes, Recitals, Plays, Tributes, Slideshows, Graduations, Business Meetings, Seminars, Trainings, Tradeshow Presentations, etc. to share virtually - watch parties with friends and family, social media, etc..


    **Through the duration of this national crisis, we are offering 20% off for all of our services as well as free pickup and delivery within 10 miles of our office during our normal hours. Please mention at time of booking. Pickups at greater distanes are available but subject to an additional fee. *** Pre-paid standard shipping labels provided for your convienience. Project agreements must be in place for these dscounts. New projects only and not valid with any special offers or other discounts.