Video Editing Services

As a Top Rated and dedicated post production house and video editing facility, Pro Cuts Editing Services prepares your project to your specifications and provide suggestions. Here are some suggestions to assist our new clients:

  • TYPES OF PROJECTS WE DO: We edit all types of video such as:
    1) Corporate Video Editing, 2) Commericals, 3) PSAs, 4) Demos/Sizzle Reels, 5) Discussions/Interviews, 6) Sports Highlights, 7) Tributes, 8) Graduations, 9) Anniversaries, 10) Communions, 11) Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, 12) Weddings and Other Events, 13) Dance Recitals, 14) Concerts, 15) Birthdays, 16) Legal, 17) Government, 18) Medical, 19) Music Videos, 20) Feature-Length Films, 21) Short Films, 22) Independent Films, 23) TV Programs/Webisodes, 24) Memories,

    25) Vacations/Holidays, 26) Slideshows/Montages and 26) Webinars - Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, GoogleMeet, WebEx - all major platforms.
    Should your type of video not be listed here, just ask!

    1) Receive footage at Consultation, Download or by Shipment
    2) Review materials, ask and answer questions
    3) Provide project estimate/quote
    4) Edit project (also including graphics and/or motion graphics as needed)
    5) Provide preview electronically, by mail or during office or offsite visit to you
    6) Make adjustments as needed
    7) Deliver finished work in format(s) of choice
  • FREE INITIAL CONSULTATIONS AT OUR OFFICE DURING NORMAL HOURS: Due to our high level of education, it is very important to Pro Cuts Editing Services to empower you with the knowledge that your project entails. With this in mind, we do NOT wish to charge you during our initial meeting. To ensure the most productive consulation, provide as many materials as possible such as music, footage logs and description of the edit style you prefer, along with any other materials pertaining to your project.
  • ONSITE CONSULATIONS AND SAME DAY EDITING- WE COME TO YOU: Our expertise is available in our studios or at your individual location. A nominal fee may be required for an onsite consultation. We can also edit onsite for a same day turnaround. To ensure the most productive session, please provide as much information and other materials as possible such as footage, music, notes/logs and description of the edit style you prefer, along with any other materials pertaining to your project.
  • ELECTRONIC DATA TRANSFER OF YOUR FOOTAGE: We can work from any distance and accomodate time constraints that may make an office visit difficult. We have the means to receive most footage and other data electronically (Download) from the comfort of your home or office. Project previews and finished deliverables can also be delivered electronically (Upload) to just about any format - from the screening room, conference room and your office to your tablet or phone. Due to the changing technology of these formats and the possible need for upfront preparation, this process may require an initial fee prior to the consultation, which is applied to the total fee for the project. Click HERE for additional information.
  • SHIPPING: If you must ship your footage to us, we encourage you to make a backup copy to your SD Card, Tape, DVD, Blu Ray Disc or your Hard Drives. In the event that your materials are damaged or lost in shipment, you still have your original project, so arrangements can be made to get us your material. Make sure to include your contact information and special instructions. Be sure you write "Media Mail - Do Not X-Ray" on the front and side of your package and pack carefully. If you are a professional videographer, please include a previous sample of your work.

    Our mailing address is:
    Pro Cuts Editing Services
    2138 Priest Bridge Court, Suite 1
    Crofton, MD 21114 USA

  • We ship either USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL or Courier back to you and return your original footage with your finished project. At your request, we can hold for pickup.
  • Serving Baltimore, Washington, DC, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle, the San Francisco Bay Area and Beyond
  • We will keep your project on our system for 30 days following delivery. Additional storage and edit time are available.
  • Feel free to talk with us during the course of your project completion if you have any questions, concerns or compliments.
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