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Music Video Samples

1. "Climate Change" by Barry Fletcher

Public Service Announcement - Climate Change is one of the most pressing

challenges facing humanity.
This video shines more light on pollution and the Greenhouse effects.
I feel this song better serves as a "We Are The World" type of song.
I'm placing this video on YouTube in hopes of finding an artist with
international appeal or a producer that could give this song its'

proper prominence. Help!
Email: unity5555 at

2. Dr. Phill's Big Band Promo with Song Stylist Larzene

Dr. Phill Butts leads an array of Baltimore's most accomplished musicians and vocalists,

featuring classic big band sounds, smooth jazz and stomping soul.
Larzene is our Song Stylist, performing The American Songbook and Diamonds and Jazz.

Please reach out for booking and availability at (410) 294-4821.
Click HERE for Full Performances from Dr. Phill's 1989 Percussion Recital (1989) and HERE for Excerpts from the Recital.

3. Pop Music at Grand Opening

Pro Cuts Editing Services edited a local pop group performing at a Baltimore-Washington
Metro Area grocery store during its grand opening.

4. "Call Me" by Drea

Pro Cuts Editing Services assemble a smooth and classy music video.

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