Transcoding and Encoding


Pro Cuts Editing Services will prepare your video and audio to your specifications to reduce labor and processing time while also streamlining your workflow.

You may ask - What is transcoding? What is encoding? What is rendering?

Often used interchangeably, these terms refer to audio and video file preparation to a given standard for editing, streaming, delivery to DVD, BluRay Disc, 4K Disc, Digital Cinema Package (DCP)< Pro Res, or other format(s) for Commercial Straming Platforms and Consumer Uses.


Encoding is preparation of video and audio files to one specified format.

Transcoding is preparation of encoded audio and video files to a new encoded format.

Rendering is the process of producing audio and video files.


Sometimes time consuming and often aggrivating when under tight deadlines, our team is staffed with gurus to help you get your production moving whenever and whereever you may need it to ensure a proper delivery for you and your clients.

  • Please provide detailed information about your clips including format(s), running time(s) and your needs.

  • Industry Standard Compression, Conversion, Encoding and Transcoding Solutions for Major Commercial and Independent Platforms

  • Common formats include Apple TV, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Quicktime, 3G, 4G, Andriod, Blackberry, Windows Media, Real Player, Flash, AVI, MPEG/MPEG-1, MPEG-4, H264, H265, Pro Res, 2K, 4K, AVCHD, Video CD formats, Surround Sound, AC3, AIFF, MP3, DCP, etc.

  • Inform us as early as possible if you have any special needs, such as multiple formats. We can import from your remote location or from storage you provide. We can also export deliverables to hard drives, thumb/flash drives, SD cards, the Cloud, etc. If there is a format that you need that is not listed, please ask.

  • Serving Baltimore, Washington, DC, New York, NYC, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle, the San Francisco Bay Area, Toronto, Vancouver and Beyond

  • Communication with us will help to ensure your complete satisfaction with your project. This includes any questions, concerns, and/ or compliments.

  • Combination of our services into one affordable package is available upon request.