Streaming Video Information

Pro Cuts Editing Services will prepare your clip(s) to your specifications. Here are some suggestions for our new clients:

  • Please provide the start and end time and/or description of your clip(s) if poroviding a large amount of footage on one or more tapes or discs.

  • Common formats include Apple TV, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Quicktime, 3G, 4G, Andriod, Blackberry, Windows Media, Real Player, Flash, AVI, MPEG/MPEG-1, MPEG-4, H264, Pro Res, 2K, 4K/UHD, AVCHD, Video CD ,DCP, etc.

  • Inform us as early as possible if you have any special needs, such as multiple formats. We can export to hard drives, thumb drives, SD cards, the Cloud, etc.

  • An online preview video stream or a finished video stream is available for larger projects being streamed, such as an entire wedding or a corporate event.

  • Communication with us will help to ensure your complete satisfaction with your project. This includes any questions, concerns, and/ or compliments.

  • Combination of our services into one affordable package is available upon request.