Mr. Kenneth Davis - SCUBA Certs

Those with Rescue Diver Certification, Public Safety Diver and Photo/Video Specialties:
please reach out to discuss Underwater Video Production support for our crew!

Certification Level
(Core Training)
Divemaster w/Discover Scuba Diving Leader (Professional) PADI
Recognition Master Diver (Highest Recreational Rating) SSI
Specialty Nitrox (Option with Training Dives) NAUI
Specialty Dry Suit PADI
Specialty Diver Propulsion Vehicle PADI
Specialty Semi-Closed Rebreather (SCR) PADI and PSAI
Specialty Altitude PADI and SDI
Specialty Advanced Wreck (upgrade from Wreck) SSI
Specialty Deep SSI
Specialty Search & Recovery SSI
Specialty Night & Limited Visibility SSI
Specialty Navigation SSI
Specialty Full Face Mask PADI
Specialty Aquarium PADI
Specialty Aquarium Photo PADI
Specialty Digital U/W Photography / Photo & Video SSI
Specialty Equipment Techniques SSI
Specialty Sidemount PADI
Specialty Solo SDI
Specialty Delayed Surface Marker Buoy PADI
Specialty Underwater Archeology NAUI
Specialty Citizen Science Diver NAUI
Specialty Underwater Naturalist PADI
Specialty Science of Diving (Non-Diving) SSI
Specialty Computer Diving SSI
Specialty Perfect Buoyancy SSI
Specialty Drift (Waves, Tides and Currents) SSI
Specialty - Technical Extended Range Foundations SSI
Specialty Marine Ecology (Non-Diving) SSI
Specialty Blue Oceans (Non-Diving) SSI
Recognition Level 5 Diver (150 or more Logged Dives) SSI
Specialty Emergency Oxygen Provider (Non-Diving) PADI
Specialty EDDY Current (Non-Diving) FLARE TECHNOLOGY