Additional Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    6) I would like to put together a 3-5 minute video with my footage. I need my edit done quickly. How long will it take?
    Video editing and other post production work is often customized. Talk with us and show us your footage so we can determine the fastest and most economical delivery. Often overlooked, emerging technology allowing for very fast shooting and/or tapeless cameras and downloading of online media may require preparation of your materials before actual editing begins. We typically work on a first-come, first-serve basis, but rush service is available for those unforseen and last-minute emergency situations.

    7) I run a wedding videography company. Can you work with me?
    We work with clients who price their offerings in a package format and work with them at a fair rate to ensure high quality and repeat patronage. We value long term relationships with our clients and referrals. We will go the extra mile for you.

    8) I am a wedding/event coordinator. What can you do for me?
    We can help your videographers with the videos that they shoot for you by handling their editing backlog, ensuring timely delivery for your clients and increasing your bottom line while often decreasing your task load and stress level.

    9) My corporate video department at my company is overflowed with past training seminars/presentations/events that need to be edited. Can you help us?
    Absolutely. We can put together your speakers, training exercises, panels, slideshows, and videos all together in one tight presentation that is sure to please everyone.

    10) My event was shot and remains unedited. Can you pick up where they left off?
    Definitely. If your wedding, corporate affair or other footage was shot be a family member or friend or your professional videographer was not able to finish your project for whatever reason, we can finish it for you! As us for additional details.

    11) I'm a producer with piles of raw footage and do not know where to begin. How can you help me?

    We are a resource for you and can work with you to make your post production experience far less cumbersome. We can advise what pick-ups may be needed as well as addressing your continuity issues to bring your projects to delivery.

    12) I'm a video production professional and have solid editing skills, but I have no immediate access to professional-grade editing equipment or an office with a professional atmosphere. How can you help me?
    We offer an economical alternative to the editing pros out there. Our editing suites are available for use here in our studio office at a discounted rate. A technician is also included to address any operational concerns. See our Editing Suites page for more information.

    13) I have a sister's wedding that I shot and need edited, but I see I can get add-on hardware and software to my PC for less than $100. Why should I consider having this work done professionally instead?
    We edit video, add graphics and create Blu Rays and DVDs on a daily basis. We have many years of experience using professional-grade equipment. Such "deals" for editing hardware and software are meant for very basic projects. This equipment can become frustrating to use - issues such as overheating, choking can add unneeded stress with the heavy computing requirements that video brings. In addition, such equipment may not have all the capabilities that you would come to expect to deliver a beautiful finished piece. Consider your relaxation needs and the long term enjoyment of your finished work, rather than deal with possible aggrivation that can be avoided.

    14) I need an event shot and edited in one package. Can you do that?
    Yes. While we specialize in post production, we can arrange for a professional shooter - most often from our client base. We can all work together to ensure a wonderful finished video, with you making just one phone call. Or we can simply refer you to a videographer.

    15) What genres of video do you work with?
    Event, Corporate, Industrial, Narrative, Travel, Military, Experimental, Animation, Individual - just to name some.

    16) What groups to you cater to?
    Corporations, Government Agencies, Non Profits, Filmmakers, Videographers, Independents, Film and Video Festivals, Consumers and more.

    17) What passions drive Pro Cuts?
    Our desire for top quality service and our love of video editing and the underwater world!

    18) I have no time to come to your studios. Can we send the materials to you? Can your staff visit me at my home or office?

    Yes! Ask us for more details when we speak with you. Visit our Video Editing Services page for electronic data transfer (upload/download) of your materis as well as shipping information.

    19) I have my own video team in place and need some assitance with determining our editing needs. Can you help?

    Yes. We can work with your organization to lead your post production efforts or work alongside your existing team. See our Consultation page for more information.

    20) How do I prepare for an in-person or telephone consultation prior to the start of my project?
    Gather much information as possible and as well organized as possible. This includes your footage, any production notes, special needs, etc. See our Consultation page for more information.

    21) I have so much material and unsure what to do once my project is completed. What should I do if I wish to keep my source files on your system or make a copy?
    All finished work is stored on our systems for 30 days following final delivery. Additional storage time is available beyond that period. For those not doing work with us, we offer these solutions to you as well. Rates start at $30 per month. Please ask us for a quote should your materials exceed 30 GB of storage space.

    22) I need some help regarding subject matter for my video or research project. Can you help?

    We certainly can. With our extensive production background, research is often needed and sometimes overlooked. See our Research page for more information

    23) What other services do you offer?
    If you are a skilled video editor, our edit suites are available for rental by the hour, day, week or month. We also offer website design and development, consultation, and much more. Please visit our Services page for a complete list. If there is a service that you need that may not be listed, please ask.

    24) What areas do you serve?
    We serve across the USA and Nationwide - you may come to our office, have us come to your location, or we may work remotely from our facility and we can download or receive your shipped footage. Please visit our Coverage and Service Areas page for further details.

    25) How do I meet with you?
    You may drop in or make an appointment to ensure time just for you. Onsite visits are also available. Please visit our Appointment and Drop-In page for further details and acommodations for service during COVID-19.