Digital Cinema Package

(DCP Files)

Pro Cuts Editing Services can prepare DCP files for playback on a Digital Cinema Projector

  • Now an industry standard at a lower cost than 35mm film projection
  • Available in 2K (Flat 1990 x 1080 or Scope 2048 x 858) and 4K formats
  • Deliver finished files for movie theater projection
  • Emerging trend with film festivals

  • Here are some suggestions for our new clients:

  • Give us as much information as possible - some resolutions and frame rates may need re-encoding to DCP standards
  • Surround Sound may be possible, depending on your current sound design.
  • USB Thumbdrive or CRU Hard Drive(s) to a special format are available, or you may supply
  • Inform us as early as possible if you have any special needs, such as multiple formats. We can export to hard drives, thumb drives, SD cards, the Cloud, etc.
  • Communication with us will help to ensure your complete satisfaction with your project. This includes any questions, concerns, and/ or compliments.
  • Combination of our services into one affordable package is available upon request.
  • Based in the Baltimore/Washington DC Metro Area, and servng nationwide including LA, NY and beyond..